The Beginning of Civilization

Weekly Study Questions 3

The Beginning of Civilization/The Flood

Answer thoroughly the following questions based on this module/week’s Reading & Study material:


Explain the meaning of the word “knew” in Genesis 4:1.
How is God’s grace evident in chapter 4 of Genesis? Be thorough.
Look up the following verses and explain each verse individually and how it fits the story of Cain and Abel:

            John 8:44

            I John 3:12

            Hebrews 11:4

            Hebrews 12:24

Where did Cain get his wife? Support your answer from the Bible.
Offer two explanations as to why the patriarchs lived so long.
How do we know the birth order of Noah’s sons? Be specific.
When did Methuselah die (how old, relation to flood)?
Name the two fundamental reasons for the flood.
The “sons of God” are identified by Davis as being whom?
Explain the meaning of the phrase “The Lord repented.”
Describe the ark in detail.
Read the following verses in Genesis and discuss each verse individually on what it says about Noah:






Which one of the reasons given for a universal flood stands out the most to you?
How long were Noah and his family on the ark?
What do the various flood accounts suggest or point to?
How does Davis interpret the phrase “by man shall his blood be shed”?
Describe at least three details about the covenant God made with Noah.
What did the curse on Canaan include?
How has this curse been fulfilled? (see Joshua 16:10)
If Noah’s ark were discovered today, would it change the way people view the Bible? Explain your answer.
After watching the presentation, state four different ways Genesis 6–9 is misunderstood.

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