The Broken Windows Theory

Write an article on The Broken Windows Theory. It needs to be at least 1500 words. Some would want to peep inside, others would delight in more damages to the rest of the windows. hence, if a principled individual had passed by it and noticed the difference over time, they will be driven to think that even the street is not safe, due to further deterioration of the property. As a result, some could be forced to seek secure paths off such properties or streets, to separate from the insinuated disorder or furthered crime with those who hang about it. According to Samaha on broken window analysis, not only do the small disorders (broken window) disturb the law-abiding society, but a link to much more serious crimes (further damage) such as robbery, felony, theft, and assaults, if the small disorders are not corrected (2006, p. 100).Whether the owner of the property is within or around, the extent of the damage in a short period of time could be too expensive and perhaps beyond their desire to repair it, hence generating a reality of abandonment in the society. Therefore, how can the society be sure of maintaining order after diversified damage (broken windows), when the order was not restored in small disorders (single broken window)? The broken windows could apply to wrong decisions, poor code, or unacceptable conduct in a society. From the theory, it proves that broken windows could lead to the destruction of functional systems, hence affecting community activities and administration functions. However, the broken window concept needs more attention. being a fundamental principle in understanding and solving criminal cases, the police have got to adjust with the changing roles to adopt other functions related to restoring order in societies, relevant to communities’ needs. Restoring and maintaining order is not the task police officers’ alone, but communities too have a responsibility to contribute towards it. The theory brings up associated issues touching on people’s behaviour and fear-based on crime and disorder level, which ends up making them form plausible assumptions on&nbsp.police patrol and crime control.

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