The City and the Suburbs

Submit a 1500 words paper on the topic The City and the Suburbs. The suburbs, on the other hand, have always been characterized as places of squalor or monotonousness, where life comes to a standstill for a number of people. Most people believe that the suburbs are for old couples or people who cannot keep up with living a fast life. Popular television shows, movies as well as songs have often described the city and suburb life. most rap songs consist of growing up in the suburbs, amidst gang violence and boredom which turns a man wild. The city, on the other hand, has so much to offer that people do not have time to stop and think and are kept extremely preoccupied.For example, the very popular television show, Sex, and the City revolve around the life of four women living in the midst of New York City and grasping every opportunity that the city has to offer them. These women have been able to portray the city as a very young, wholesome, and safe place for people to be. They have made the city all the rage by displaying the fascinating parties, fashion shows, eateries, as well as the plethora of opportunities that they get because of their vicinity and love for city life.On the other hand, Desperate Housewives, yet another renowned television show, is set in the suburbs in a place called Wisteria Lane. Life over here has been portrayed to be extremely slow and monotonous and the women living on this walk slowly turn into soccer moms with not much excitement in their lives except for the gossip that soars within their lives. The suburbs are basically presented forth to be less fascinating and fabulous than cities. In the show ‘Gossip Girl’ as well, the city has been shown with a different light altogether. people are given the hope that living in the city will help them live a much better life than living in the suburban areas.The city is a very lively place to be in as compared to the suburbs as well. It is full of people and one can never feel alone or unsafe in the city. However, it does have its downfalls because sometimes crime rates can take a surge due to crowded areas. A lot of people even feel congested living in places that are so full of people. The situation is extremely different in the suburbs because these areas are very quiet and calm compared to the city.

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