The Crisis of Civilization

Write an article on The Crisis of Civilization. It needs to be at least 1750 words. This paper will present views that are taken from multiple sources and expressed at different times, each proving that the contemporary global community is developing in the wrong way.To begin with, it may be particularly important to state that industrial civilization is a rather unsustainable way of the social organization of the social environment. yet, in order to understand it, one should take a close look at all the available evidence and not review each of them in the isolation. Indeed, it is largely suggested that the contemporary state of affairs urges the companies to grow just to ensure their survival. however, it is absolutely understandable that the uncontrolled, as well as perpetual growth, is impossible (Ahmed,2012). In other words, the fundamental principle that modern economies are based on is fallacious and is not able to bring any positive consequences in the long run. Quite the opposite, different disastrous events in various parts of the world should be seen as the direct outcomes of this industrial development. Nevertheless, humanity fails to see this as each of them is analyzed in isolation by a specific group of scientists. For example, climatologists study climatic changes, but they will not be able to understand its true causes without economists who, in their turn, fail to see the impact of the contemporary economic system on the environment. All this leads to the situation when the intellectual potential of the humanity is not used properly as it is not able to draw the essential connections between different aspects of reality, failing to produce a comprehensive understanding of it.The situation above primarily happens because scientists tend to be focused on their subject of research, dismissing other aspects that they think will distract them, but in reality, they provide the necessary perspective on matters.

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