The Death Penalty

A nine-page paper on a subtopic central to law and politics of mass atrocity. My topic is, as I already indicated, Death Penalty at ICTR, ICTY (Rwanda, Yugoslavia) You will want to supplement the materials from the texts and documents with online resources from the library.  A list of references should be included, and is in addition to, not included in, the length requirement.  Any style (such as MLA or APA) is acceptable, as long as you are consistent, and a librarian would know how to find the sections of the work to which you refer.    Papers will be evaluated according to many factors, such as analysis, research, application of course materials, and effective writing.  One important factor is the quantity and quality of sources.  Use at least six sources, at least four of which are not web based and at least two articles from law reviews.  Refer to international legal documents.

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