The Death Penalty

This paper is about the death penalty and why it should be abolished.  This paper should have 4 sources not from just the web but from college databases for research.  Please include this thesis statement ” Even though some disagree, the death penalty is unethical because it is not a deterrent, it is racist, and targets the poor.” 75% OF THIS PAPER SHOULD BE IN YOUR OWN WORDS.  THE FOUR SOURCES SHOULD COME FROM COLLEGE DATABASES NOT JUST SURFING THE WEB.  NO CITATION ENGINE HELP I AM BEING GRADED ON ALL OF THESE THINGS.  please see attachment for more directions on how the instructor wants the argumentive essay should be written.  There should be some type of quotes in each paragraph to support the argument. please follow that link to access my college library to gain access to the database the login is al20864 the password is 1Saniyah@ also I will give you the 4 sources to cite please look them up in the library if you cant find these please find one to replace it.  PLEASE REMEMBER THIS PAPER NEEDS TO BE 75% OF YOUR OWN WORDS. PLEASE HAVE 4 FULL PAGES WITH WORKS CITED AS THE 5TH Works cited. Sato, M. Reframing the debate on attitudes towards the death penalty. In Comparative Capital Punishment. Edward Elgar Publishing. (2019): 301-318 Mendoza Valles, L. A. Does the Death Penalty Deter Homicides? (Doctoral dissertation). (2018). Frost, N. A., & Monteiro, C. Administrative segregation in US prisons. Washington, DC: US Department of Justice, Office of Justice Programs, National Institute of Justice. (2016): 15-33 Conklin, M. Effective Death Penalty Abolitionist Rhetoric: A Quantitative Analysis of What Works. Michael Conklin, Effective Death Penalty Abolitionist Rhetoric: A Quantitative Analysis of What Works, ___ LINCOLN MEMORIAL L. REV. ___ (forthcoming 2020). (2020): 1-11.

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