The Echo Chamber Of The Internet

InstructionsRead “Influencing Machines: The Echo Chambers of the Internet” by Brooke Gladstone in Signs of Life in the U.S.A., pp. 410-14.Answer the following questions in the discussion board below.Question 1:Define in your own words the terms “echo chamber” and “incestuous amplification” (p. 413). [This is question 2 from “Reading the Text” on p. 415.]Question 2:Are we really very different from the Puritans in The Crucible, who were so susceptible to propaganda? Briefly describe how social media and other Internet gathering sites create “echo chambers” and “incestuous amplification” which valid opposing viewpoints, reputable news sources, democratic ideals, and scientific information are unable to penetrate. You may also provide an example or idea on how people can work to solve this problem.

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