The purpose of your assignment is to relate a topic covered by the book and discuss whether it is a contradiction or not between being an economist and an ethic/moral aspect of these issues (note that this is what you should focus on).  So first discuss the topic from a moral perspective. Then discuss it from an economics perspective. Finally, compare the two perspectives and state whether there is a conflict between the two perspectives (or not). Give some examples of when there may be a conflict between morality and an economic/market perspective, as well as some examples where there will be no conflict. Base your discussion on an issue in one of the chapters in the book The Economics of Public Issues. – THE ECONOMICS OF OBESITY The assignment must NOT be an abstract of the chapters. We already know what is written in the book. Instead, we want you to show that you have understood what is said in the book and that you have learnt something during lectures. We want you to write and discuss these issues as an economist.

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