The Eruption of Toba

Write a 8 pages paper on the eruption of toba. The general belief is that the volcanic eruption that occurred caused volcanic winters and thereafter the temperatures around the African and the Indian regions have been noted to fall quite a lot. Some geologists believe that the volcanic eruption also resulted in the extinction of the human race that existed at that time. However, there is a belief that this theory does not hold true because many of the species of the animals that are said to be sensitive to the change in temperature did exist at that time. The other belief is that it caused a change in the genetic setup of the human beings that lived in the area at that time. This volcanic eruption is considered to be the largest known eruption in the last 25 million years and caused a major change in climate at that time. The volcanic winter which occurred as a result of the eruption resulted in a decrease in temperature to around 3 to 5 °C (5& 9&nbsp.°F), and up to&nbsp.15 °C&nbsp.(27&nbsp.°F)& higher latitudes (Causey 48-59).It was suggested by Ann Gibbons that the supervolcanic eruption that took place resulted in a bottleneck in the human race. A few other scientists suggested the same but then again many other scientists subsequently failed to identify any link or develop enough evidence to support the theory. According to theory there were not just one but a series of three eruptions that spanned over a period of 1 million years. The crater that was formed because of the supervolcanic eruption was&nbsp.100 × 30 km2 area-wide. The crater is known as the Caldera Complex and the volume of the eruption was estimated to be around 2,000&nbsp.km3&nbsp.and&nbsp.3,000&nbsp.km3. The mass that was collected after this eruption was estimated to be larger than the erupted mass that had been ever collected in the past 100 years of volcanic eruption history. The ash layer that was deposited from the Toba eruption that took is said to be around 15cm thick and it was spread over the whole of South Asia. A layer of ash was also deposited over the Indian Ocean, and the Arabian and the South China Sea.&nbsp.

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