The Evolution of the Airline Industry

Conduct further research into Aviation Safety Statistics over the Evolution of the Airline Industry, as you will use this knowledge in writing your Case Analysis (CA).You will access an aviation accident statistic over many decades, analyze it, and provide an assessment.Consider accessing the NTSB website and scholarly journals to perform this task.Provide a summation of the major events and findings. (in Summary)Describe the various metrics that could be used to describe quantitative safety data.Demonstrate your understanding of which benchmark metric is used to measure overall safety.What was one major problem addressed? (in Problem)What is the significance to the airline industry? To general aviation? (in Significance)Evaluate this problem with respect to the airline industry changes over multiple decades via the inferential statistical data.What has been the impact? Is this a new problem? Similar to an old one?Compare and contrast safety data over the history of human flight with respect to changes made through accident investigation. (in Significance)Has it gotten safer through analysis of accidents and the process of mitigating weaknesses?Could accident investigation on previous accidents have prevented this? Are there examples where this happened before?Based on a review of all major issues, choose two and expound on solutions provided and possible additions. (in Alternatives)Do the solutions apply to risk management as it relates to airline safety initiatives and FAA mandates?Make your recommendation going forward based on lessons learned. Could something else be added? (in Recommendations)

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