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After reading and seeing all the wonderful products that come from industrial hemp, can you think of two things you currently use that you wouldn’t mind replacing with the hemp version? I have those old lady thumbs that mostly live in excruciating pain. I was gifted a sample of some CBD ointment. My hands felt so much better. The stuff cost $145 — not on my salary; not when Aspercreme and Tylenol PM exist. However, I would love to replace that Aspercreme (and Lidocaine) with a less expensive hemp ointment. Based on what you know now, what one thing would you replace with its hemp equivalent? It does not have to be something you have tried. It could be something you have read about or something someone you know has tried or told you about. Share with your colleagues what you think can be replaced by the medicinal or industrial plant. Remember to use two sources from Canvas, or your own research, for support in your two substantial paragraphs.

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