The Future of Energy Storage

“Research Paper Topic Proposal
Title: The Future of Energy Storage
Thesis: The world is trying to create a gap from the nonrenewable world and start the path onto energy storage for a more sustainable future.
This research paper will focus on the coming world of energy storage and how it is going to look. It is not unknown knowledge that the industrial world can not sustain a functioning pace much longer, solely on nonrenewable resources, such as coal, petroleum, and natural gases. This paper will look at the key differences between conventional and flow batteries in terms of their functions, materials used, and measurement of sustainability. Along with the purpose for energy storage, I will also be bringing in the economic standpoint of sustainable energy storage as well.”

All research papers must contain substantive academic content with a strong analytical focus. You have
the freedom to decide on the topic(s) of your research, on areas that are related to your major or
something that relates to your future career goals. Be sure that your topic is neither too broad nor too
narrow to meet the requirements.
General guidelines for your research content and format
Your research paper(s) should:
? Present on a topic that is relevant to your internship and must incorporate academic
knowledge/ content related to your major, minor or area of study.
? Include references from scholarly and credible sources to support your research topic.
? If applicable, include relevant and factual findings/observations/data from your internship
experience. Be sure not to violate company confidentiality.
? Be analytical in nature and not a reflection on your internship experience.
? Include a cover page with the research title, your name, date, course number, and credit

? It should be double-spaced using normal Times Roman 12 font, normal margins.
? The in-text citation is required or use footnotes and include a bibliography of the sources
you have consulted.
? You can use either MLA or APA format. The style of writing needs to be
business/consultative style, not casual journal writing.
In addition to bibliography and cover page, the research content should meet following:
13 pages/ 6 sources

Resources (At least 6) Companies Goals for Battery Devolopment Information
Storing of electric renewable energy Development of Flow batteries
Information on Proton Flow Battery Works by turning water into oxygen and hydrogen, then using the hydrogen to power a fuel cell
Development of Flow batteries
Government Incentives The goal of the program is to “create and sustain global leadership in energy storage utilization and exports, with a secure domestic manufacturing supply chain that is independent of foreign sources of critical materials, by 2030,” according to the department.
Utility growth scale of battery storage
#gref Lithium-Ion batteries heading towards the future of battery storage

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