The Gift of the Magi

Write a letterLook back at “The Gift of the Magi” and then complete the assignment:A character in the text wants to share what he or she has learned as a result of his or her experiences through the course of the story. The character has decided to send a message in a bottle.Choose a character from the story and write a letter from the character’s point of view. This letter should express the main character’s feelings about the life lessons he or she has learned. At the beginning of the letter, state the theme they think the text conveyed. In the body of the letter, incorporate three points that support their ideas.You need to decorate a container with symbols and scenery appropriate to the story and its theme. (Think two-liter soda bottle or something similar.)Be creative! Be neat! Also, make sure to write as the character in the story would.Include a picture of your bottle at the end of the letter (a low-resolution 72dpi image).

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