The Handmaid’s Tale

provide a critical analysis of the text, using documented evidence to support your analysis.Format: An essay of five to seven pages (typed and double-spaced) that draws on at least two credible sources (use the library databases), in addition to the work itself. This documented essay will include citations and a list of references. The paper must demonstrate correct use of MLA format, including a Works Cited page. You should include quotations from the work as well as from secondary sources, along with summary and paraphrased material. Note: Your sources should include-background information on the work (cultural or historical information, for example)-at least one essay by a literary scholar on the work itself Your completed essay should demonstrate:-an ability to synthesize secondary sources with your own critical analysis-the ability to integrate quotes, summary and paraphrased material into your essay-control of essay structure and basic writing skills-adherence to MLA guidelines for essay format, citations, and works cited.

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