The Impact of Globalization on the Cultural Inhabitants

Creating a thesis and an outline on The Impact of Globalization on the Cultural Inhabitants. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Humans have unique ways of interacting with the surrounding. The impact they have on the surrounding would be determined by these interactions. People adapt to environments based on their cultural beliefs and thinking. Human activities have played part in cultural interchange. Contemporary issues have replaced ancient activities. The essay would focus on geographic economic globalization. Economic globalization shapes the nature in which people interact to achieve a common objective. The impact of economic globalization on the third world countries will be examined. The cultural space creates a unique perspective of global issues.&nbsp.The immigration statistics will be determined through Nwasu et al (2014) article. This will determine the movement of an individual from semi-periphery states to core states. The data will be analyzed and their country of origin focused upon depending on the GDP growth. The research will also focus on trading activities between the United States and other countries. The data will sources from Appleton and Plummer (2007) this will enable the research to determine the relationship between the global producer and consumer with the focus being on how the core states may influence the nature of trade and the nature of economic globalization. The periphery state involvements in globalization will be determined by the changing trend of nations previously perceived to be semi-periphery. Kenyan case would be used to explain the changing economies.USA immigration populating was over 40 million in 2012 (Nwasu et al 2014). The figure indicates that more than 60 percent of the immigrants are in search of labor. The majority of the immigrants originate from countries with a lower GDP growth compared to the US’s GDP growth. Data from Appleton and Plummer (2007) indicates that the USA controls most of the economic activities carried own between developed nations and the less developed countries.&nbsp.

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