The Industrial food system

Here is the prompt:  We have learned a lot about ways that the industrial food system has created ecological, social, cultural, and economic crises,  We have learned about human rights violations and corporate power and structural racism in agrifood policies and practices.  We have also begun to learn about some of the exciting alternatives to the industrial food system–including agroecology, the grassroots efforts of the Coalition of Immokolee Workers, the efforts of restaurant workers to organize and unionize, organizing around pesticide regulation, food sovereignty, and healthy rangeland systems.  Given these hopeful initiatives, and also after reading Guthman, DuPuis, and Felipe and Montalvo, how would YOU approach making changes to the food system, moving forward?  How would the perspectives of these authors affect how you position yourself when taking action, if at all?  Please make a point of citing each of the authors in some way when answering these questions.  I need to use only these three readings! I cannot use any other source except the readings. No title page and format. Thanks.

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