The Inevitable Rise in Dual-Income

1. Get two new articles for your literature review. a.Leonce, T., Schweyer, A., & Whillans, A. (2020). The Inevitable Rise in Dual-Income Households and the Intertemporal Effects on Labor Markets. Compensation & Benefits Review, 52(2), 64-76. b. Hamamura, T. (2012). Are Cultures Becoming Individualistic? A Cross-Temporal Comparison of Individualism–Collectivism in the United States and Japan. Personality and Social Psychology Review, 16(1), 3-24. 2. Summarize the research questions and conclusions of the two articles. 3. Describe the data used to draw those conclusions. 4. Critically analyze the logic behind the argument that validates the conclusions. (This is the important part of the assignment.) N.B.: if the logic of one of the articles does not hold up to a close examination, then get rid of it and find another. To “critically analyze” does not mean either to summarize or to attack. It’s more like parsing the argument, identifying the underlying assumptions, and mapping out the steps from the propositions to the conclusions. 5. Critically analyze the choice and use of research methodologies.

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