The Interlopers

H.H. Munro (Saki)’s “The Interlopers” ARGUMENTATIVE / PERSUASIVE RESEARCH PAPER STEPS TO FOLLOW 1. Read the story. 2. Highlight main elements of literary analysis: theme, characters, conflicts, setting, and general features of the writer’s style as seen in your story. 3. Look up information on your topic. Keep in mind: it is a research project, so you should not be satisfied with a quick Google search. You should consider books and databases on your topic. 4. Keep track of your sources, as you will need to list them on your Works Cited page. 5. Once you have all the information, write your paper. It must cover: · Title · Introduction · Thesis · Conclusion · Works Cited 6. Keep in mind: your paper must have in-text citations whenever you use ideas that are not yours. Your citations must correspond to the sources listed on your Works Cited page. 7. Make sure you use a citation generator but do it responsibly (e.g. The Purdue OWL Citation Machine or Scribber) and the Word 2016 MLA template. 8. Your paper must be at least five-pages long, including the Works Cited page.

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