The Jungle How can Sinclair’s masterpiece be considered an ethnographic

The JungleHow can Sinclair’s masterpiece be considered an ethnographic* work in the Chicago Schooltradi?on?Begin by providing a brief précis of the novel itself (remember I’ve read it, so this should be shortand not take up more than one page). Then, select passages or events from the storyline and showhow they exemplify certain principles, perspec?ves, and >ndings of the Chicago School (the modeland major principles of human ecology).It would be helpful to begin by construc?ng a typology char?ng the changes the Rudkus family wentthrough in The Jungle, illustra?ng the dialec?c between infrastructure and superstructure anddemonstra?ng the Chicago School model. When developing the typology, you will be comparing thechanges members of the Rudkus family go through from a “community” to a “society” (Tönnies andSimmel). This largely takes place in the “accommoda?on” stage; as such, note the changes familymembers have to make to their new environment. I hope this helps to clarify the ques?ons–if not,send an email.How well does the Chicago School model explain the changes they, and the immigrant community,went through? What lessons can we learn about the community from the novel? What helps tostrengthen a community? What tears it apart? How does this support or refute the Chicago School’sideas?*Ethnography: a descrip?ve account of social life and culture in a par?cular social system based ondetailed observa?ons of what people actually do. Ethnographies are used to study how culturesdevelop historically and to compare them with an earlier ?me or other cultures.You should consider this paper a research paper. You have to develop the theory as discussed inlectures and your readings. The Jungle and Work and Community are your “data sets” to draw on forevidence. This means you should be ci?ng at least once per paragraph with a few excep?ons.* * * * * * * * * *Your essay should be between 6-8 pages (no header, Titles are appreciated), double-spaced usingTimes New Roman, 12 pt. You may use an equivalent type as long as the size is similar:Times New Roman 12ptTimes New Roman (Verdana 10pt OK)Times New Roman (Verdana 12pt not okay)

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