The Leadership Portfolio 

The Leadership Portfolio shall be at least 4 pages, excluding other material such as the cover page and references.  The paper shall be presented in APA (6th edition) format. In the following descending order of preference, information sources must be either peer-reviewed articles or government reports. The personal leadership portfolio shall cover all of the following topics:· presentation and discussion of academic and anecdotal resource materials· deconstruction of current homeland security or public safety leadership· identification of acceptable and effective professional homeland security or public safety leadership principles· collation of data from personal leadership self-assessment assignments· comparison and contrast of self-assessment data, to include applicability, with best practices and identified leadership principles· presentation and discussion of future personal leadership development and opportunityThe project is made up of sequential steps that constitute the required actions of semester-long portfolio development. The process assessment utilizes a recommended portfolio document structure.1.   Gather—the gathering of course and outside leadership materials and resources.2.   Research—narrowing the focus of academic and anecdotal leadership topics to professional homeland security or public safety leadership topics.3.   Organize—establish an information-handling process in order to coordinate resources, sources, and gathered data. Monitor for policy topic research completeness through use of an information-handling and organization process.4.   Analyze and evaluate—compare, contrast, and judge resource material to develop cogent documentation.5.   Assess—assimilate personal leadership history report results with cogent documentation, demonstrating the nexus between personal leadership history and data with academic and anecdotal resources. This step may also include assessing past leadership opportunities for lessons learned.6.   Apply—based on steps 1-5, determine personal leadership styles and traits and how the determination can be applied. This step will also include personal leadership strengths and challenges for future development.7.   Create a personal leadership development plan for your future.

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