The Line Becomes A River Prompt

The book is “The line becomes a river” by Francisco Cantu. I have to answer this prompt, “In the concluding authors note, Cantu writes that his book seeks to function as literature rather than reportage, to resonate more deeply within the soul rather than the mind. This approach can lead to a powerful, immersive reading experience. It also demands much of the reader as we are not told how to feel or think about these often brief and unconnected scenes, but rather asked to construct, as Cantu puts it, our own “moral interpretation.” In the first part of the response introduce and closely analyze one narrative moment or vignette that you found particularly evocative and effective. What makes this moment so powerful? How does Cantu use small details to convey certain unspoken tensions and emotions? Creatively recast a moment that you have witnessed in your life related to a current social justice issue that is important to you.

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