The Making of a Film and the Wachowskis

The highlights of this paper include your comments about the making of the film and the Wachowskis.  The cyberpunk material is interesting… and has a date (1994) that does not connect to your reference page.  Good connection of the Wachowskis to cyberpunk (as style) but this is not followed p on.  After that, the paper turns into a very complex rendering of the plot.  The main problem is that there is very little application of theory to the plot.  And that was the assignment.  [A psycho-biography approach would have worked.  You could look at the Wachowskis tans-gendered history and see how that comes out in the film.  There is new research on that BTW.]  The other problem is that there are sections that are confusing.  It is good to re-write material in your own words.  But 1] you need to cite that material that ties to your reference page and 2] you need to re-write so that it is understandable.  You have very few in-paper citations. this is feedback for my paper

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