The Need of Recycling

The need of recyclingCannabis legalization in FloridaLegal drinking age in the USStandardized tests, pros and consHomeschooling, pros and consThe Electoral College, pros and consMinimum wage in Florida: $15.00 an hourAbortion, pros and consThese are the topics for your Essay 4. You will choose one and write a primarily Argument-Persuasion essay based on it, that is, taking and defending a position and winning others over to your side. For more information, read Chapter 10, Examining Logical Connections, Argument and Persuasion, pp. 226-241 in your textbook. You will cite at least one source to support the information in your essay. Make sure you have in-text citations too. You will use the MLA style format, so do not forget the Word 2016 template.Your Essay 4 is due on Friday, Nov. 27.

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