The New Jim Crow

Source: The New Jim Crow  Prompt: Find threads in the book that stand out to you. Place the mistreatment and lynching of Mexicans along the border in a larger historical context in American history. Ask digging questions as you read. When I say ask questions, I do not mean I want you to write out rhetorical questions in your essay, but to think about pertinent questions as you read and write. Please, do not give me simply a narrative of the book, but rather deliver to me critical thinking. Be creative, critical thinkers. Exercise historical empathy here and uncover issues of Race, Class and Gender. The window is wide open on whatever you choose to write on—be smart, be empathetic. NOTE: Like all the topics we are covering in class today, this has relevance for current events. I hope by now you see that history is more than a record of the past, it is uncovering threads that persist across time and space to profoundly affect modern lives. Please do not go back and forth in your paper between historical analysis and current events. Save your thoughts on current events till your conclusion. More than anything, I want you to think, examine, and critically analyze  Requirements: MLA format Atleast two full pages double spaced  12 pt. font Times font  No use of “I” or me “unless” for effect

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