The Nightingale and the Rose

A pint for your blood is code for one page on how you and your life is seen in Oscar Wilde’s work:  “The Nightingale and the Rose” Pick one character from the story and in one page write how you relate to that character. Do not summarize the story. Please I identity one character such as The Boy, The Girl, The nightingale, The Lizard, The Flower or the Butterfly, The Tree, or The Rose tree. Why do you relate to that one character? Provide a brief story about a similar situation, and relate back to your chosen character. Then, end your one-page paper by providing the morale of Wilde’s work in your life. No more than one page Introduce the story and the author: In the short story, “The Nightingale and the Rose,” by Oscar Wilde…Times New Roman 12 font, double-spaced1 inch margins OR .5 inch margins MLA heading is required Details, Details, Details… For more information read this:

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