The Paperclip Challenge

Definition The purpose of this challenge is to exchange a paperclip five times for something that meets both of the following conditions. The first condition is based on actual value. The paperclip has to be exchanged for something monetarily higher in value (sentimental value is not a valid condition unless you can prove it). The second condition is that it needs to be exchanged for something empirically useful (the paperclip itself is a useful tool). Protocol In order for you to successfully complete this challenge, you must have in mind the following: ·       The exchange needs to be between two unique individuals. You cannot exchange the paperclip back and forth between you and your friend, sibling, etc. five consecutive times; ·       Each exchange must meet one core aspect of the course. For example, when you exchange the paperclip for a pencil, you can say it demonstrates one aspect of business process (which one and why); and finally ·       The exchange needs to be between goods (selling your paperclip does not count).   ·        (written) explaining the process, the exchanges, the IST principles applied, and a final reflection

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