The Politics of Representation

Questions: ·                     Why has Abu-Lughod written the article we are reading for this session? In what historical context? ·                     What key arguments is Abu-Lughod making? Do you agree with her? ·                     How has the US invasion of Afghanistan affected women and girls? ·                     What is the Women, Peace and Security Act? Who authored it? Who signed it and when? What does it stipulate? Required Viewing: A Journey of a Thousand Miles: Peacekeepers (Series II of Women War and Peace) (2019). Dir. Geeta Gandbhir, Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy (56 minutes).   (accessible online via the Healey Library) Required Reading: Jeanne Shaheen. 2019 (June 4)In Afghan peace Talks, Women Need A Seat at the Table. Glamour. L. Abu Lughod. 2002. Do Muslim Women Really Need Saving? Anthropological Reflections on Cultural Relativism and its Others.  American Anthropologist. 104 (3) 783-790. Recommended Reading: M. Queen. 2008. Transnational Feminist Rhetorics in a Digital World. College English, 70(5), 471-489. (available on JSTOR via the Healey Library)

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