The power of the sugar industry

A four-page rough draft is due at 8 am 11/25 I am willing to pay more for pages by 8am. I have included my annotated bibliography to try and help guide you I am not opposed to changing a source or adding a source (I can’t have more than 8) but you will need to add an annotation to whatever source you add. I need to focus on the causes of why the sugar industry is so powerful ( why are they allowed to fund research into obesity, how do they have so much money, special interest groups, etc.). I was planning on using soda companies when talking about the sugar industry as well as companies that sell granulated sugar at the grocery store. There is a little wiggle room in the topic but it needs to be around the popularity of sugar and how influential people in the sugar industry can be when it comes to research and regulation that can hurt their buisness. Your final essay in this course will require you to analyze the causes of a particular social, political, environmental, or anthropological issue; or analyze the causes of a particular trend related to some sort of social, political, environmental or anthropological issue. The type of analytical thinking involved in this type of research paper is crucial in developing social awareness. It goes beyond arguing whether an issue or topic is “right” or “wrong,” and instead attempts to answer the complexities of “why” and “how” an issue became an issue, or “why” and “how” a trend became a trend.

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