The Principles and Procedures of ABA

This assignment relates to the following Course Learning Requirements: 2. Apply in theory and practice the principles and procedures of ABA/IBI in working with children with ASD. 3. Evaluate treatment effectiveness through data collection, graphing and analysis, and report findings 4. Recommend and/or modify intervention strategies and adapt the environment as needed to increase learning success and reduce problematic behaviours 6. Apply knowledge of clinical standards and practise guidelines as appropriate to both hypothetical and real situations 10. Design and evaluate treatments for challenging behaviour using a variety of techniques including antecedent control strategies, extinction, differential reinforcement strategies, social stories, desensitization procedures, and decelerative procedures Objective of this Assignment: The purpose of this assignment is to apply knowledge of replacement behaviours, social validity, differential reinforcement and antecedent control procedures in order to reduce an identified challenging behaviour Instructions: 1. Repeat the summary statement about the target behaviour from assignment 2. (Note: Fix any errors in the original summary statement based on feedback provided by the instructor on assignment 2) 2. Operationally define a suitable replacement behaviour. 3. Briefly explain the social validity of: a. Addressing this target behaviour, and b. Your chosen replacement behaviour. 4. In a paragraph of approximately 5-6 sentences, explain how you could use Differential Reinforcement procedures to change the target behaviour. 5. Develop a list of 5 possible antecedent control procedures to change the target behaviour. Use specific examples and write in full sentences.

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