The Principles of Federalism

Please read one of the following Supreme Court decisions (you will need to look them up online): Lawrence v Texas (2003), Gonzales v Raich (2005), Kelo v New London (2005), King v Burwell (2015) or Obergefell v Hodges (2015); then given what you have read about federalism in chapter 3 explain briefly in a two-page essay whether you believe the case was correctly decided based upon your understanding of federalism. Strong essays will engage in legal reasoning in the case. Please do not editorialize over policy or provide an opinion piece applying your personal morals. It is quite possible that you may be in support of gay marriage morally and find the legal reasoning applied by the dissenters valid in regard to how they apply the principles of federalism. Or vice versa. In addition, I may be in favor of universal healthcare but find that the legal reasoning applied in King v Burwell to be incorrect or vice versa.

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