The Promise of Ecological Feminism

After you read the Warren, the power of the promise of ecological feminism,   Leopold, The Land Ethic” and Jamieson’s “The Frontiers of Ethics.”  listen to the first 25 minutes of this podcast (or the whole thing if you have time). Then, drawing on what you’ve learned from the texts (particularly the Land Ethic), post your responses to the following discussion questions to Blackboard Journal: 1. The episode describes hundreds of thousands of goats being killed to help indigenous species and the natural environment recover from overgrazing. Do you think the tortoises are more valuable than the goats? Was it wrong to kill the goats? Why or why not? 2. Should economic development (e.g., tourism) or wildlife protection takes precedence in places like the Galapagos (places that are unique in terms of their biodiversity, beauty, etc.)? 3. Do humans have a responsibility to save endangered or extinct species? Do humans have a responsibility to save threatened places?

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