This is not an essay where you gather information and just put it in a  paper. This essay is a semester-long project that asks you to deeply  delve into a topic, interpret the evidence (your research), and reach a  conclusion about it. In other words, you are answering your research  question in the essay.DUE DATE: Friday, 07/24 ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS- turn in whatever you have by 11:59pm. Length: Minimum 3000 words of your own writing (a range of 2800 to 3100 words is acceptable). PAPERS UNDER 2700 WORDS WILL NOT RECEIVE A PASSING GRADE!!  The word count does not include the Reference List.The word count does not include block quotes. If you must use a  large block quote or a number of them, be sure to adequately summarize  and synthesize the material so that your paper is your voice – not  someone else’s. If you are unsure, see me for guidance.References/Sources: At least 10 sources – 8 of those sources must be scholarly peer-reviewed sources (articles or scholarly books);  the others can be reliable/credible sources (see Annotated Bibliography  assignment prompt and/or discuss with me if you are unsure). We will  discuss the use of sources as we move forward through the writing  process.Images/Graphs/Tables (optional): If you want to include a figure, table, or image, I will give you feedback. Format:  Double-spaced pages, 12 pt font (Times New Roman), 1 inch margins 

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