The rise of mass society in the U.S.

Need help with my writing homework on The rise of mass society in the U.S. Write a 1000 word paper answering; The mass society led to prosperity and a system of government, which weakened the tradition societal tie. The first two decades of the 20th century was the time of intense and rapid changes that stretched to the capacity of imagination. This is because of increased technology advancement. contributing to varied developments in the arts and many other aspects. Thus, the essay focuses on the major developments that took place due to modernity in the first two decades of the 20th century. The mass society led to major developments in varied aspects including arts and cultural aspects. The science and technologies grew rapidly in pervasiveness, scale and time. thus transformed the natural world into created human control. for instance, many artists started implementing unique artifacts including unique interior and exterior of the buildings, renaissance paintings and many others. The technology that comprised this new era included computer technology that enabled the society to make varied changes through interaction process. For instance, the Internet and social media services enabled the societies to culturally interact and learn one another’s cultural behaviors through a common sharing of language. thus creating a global village. 2Duiker and Jackson (2011, 86) argue that the two decades of 20th century saw their tasks through making sense of the great transformation and understanding the new culture and societies being created. Modernity refers to the Enlightenment period and movement from traditional to modern era, which is linked to the increased capitalism in the society. The term modernity in the Enlighten era reflected varied changes that took place including new construction of buildings, new way of painting artifacts including sculptures and many others. Modernity reflected the new wave from the traditional aspects to new era, which is associated with movement in arts, cultural movements and other varied transformations to western society. 3Radcliff (2004, 92) argues that modernity in the 20th century reflects new movements and transformation of varied things from traditional to current ones. The term can be coined with westernization to include changes and progression era from traditional to current due to influence from the westerners. Additionally, modernity is viewed from cultural changes in social, political and economic structures. However, scholars focus this term from a far perspective to include changes in modern science, arts and many other aspects. Modernity demands deeper and more radical changes in order to create a better world. According to 4Rosati (2013, 56) and Scott, modernity takes place through rapid rationalization, which is linked to actions of mankind to create resourceful order of means to meet their demanding desires. Therefore, modernity in the 20th century period took into consideration significant changes in the society such as new political power, social changes and economic changes. This was aided by industrialization period that was rampart due to increased technological advancement. thus, innovation became the primary fact of life. Realism became principal in literature in the U.S during the earlier 20th century. Realism attempts to present things the way they are. hence, it tries to reveal the truth of things. For instance in art, realism approach was manifested in numerous ways. thus, it was mostly used to describe certain art objects.

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