The Risk of Deception Tool

Week 1 Module 2 – Discussion: The Risk of Deception ToolLook to social media for a recent health claim (diet, exercise activity, supplement etc.) that is being promoted to the public as being beneficial to their health and provide a link to the media site that describes the health claim. After you give a description of the claim please apply the “The Risk of Deception” tool to this health claim and report all your ratings and final score.  Please provide a scoring and rationale for each item of the Risk of Deception Tool in your initial post. Example only:Authority: 0Scarcity: 2Liking or similarity: 2Reciprocation:Effects claims: 2Pseudo-technical language: 0Pseudoscience: 2Evidence of efficacy level: 3Total Score: 11 (high risk to deception)Please search CINAHL, PubMed, or any other academic electronic database to find peer-reviewed scientific evidence to support the health claim and reference the claim and evidence found using APA format.

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