The Role of Popular Music through Film from 1934-1959

Choose a film from 1934-1959 and discuss the role of popular music throughout the film. Points to consider are: music usage (action, characterization, and mood), instruments used, type of music, and composers intent for choosing popular music in the film. Guidelines Format: Typed double spaced, 12pt Times New Roman font, normal 1-inch margins Length: 4-6 pages Use formal writing style. Grammar and spelling will be considered in your grade. A bibliography is not needed; however use footnotes where appropriate. Copy and Paste the essay topic at the top of your paper Although these papers based on your observations, take a point of view and formulate a thesis accompanied by support in a logical manner. Avoid summary of the films, this paper should focus on the discussion of the music, although brief plot points may be used where appropriate. To narrow the scope of the paper you should focus on certain aspects of the films rather than the whole film.

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