An exploration of the evolving role of a Strategic Human Resource Management (SHRM) topic that moves to a human capital perspective.GuidelinesStudents will complete a major research paper on a SHRM topic of their choice, that traces the evolving perspective of moving from anadministrative to a human capital position on a topic of their choice. In addition to functional topics, including issues in staffing, employee learning, employee relations, performance management, total rewards, and HR information systems, students can include topics that mirror the course’s primary perspectives of human capital management, HR metrics, or line/HR partnering as their primary subject.Best PracticesStudents can choose a topic of their own areas of specific interest on any HRM area covered in the course. Given the point of view taken inHRM591, the paper should reflect the strategic shift in HRM from labor as a cost to be controlled to labor as an asset in which to be invested. This perspective should treat the chosen topic and trace how it has changed to reflect the challenges presented by a technology-driven globaleconomy. Research should trace the historical roots of the topic and how technology, globalization, and other strategic forces have shaped its changes. The paper length should be a minimum of 8–12 pages and comply with all formatting and APA style standards. Some suggested topics can include, but not be limited to, the following.Most of the best known academic and popular journals will provide acceptable content. Primary among them are some of the following journals and publications.People & Strategy (formally human resource planning)Harvard Business ReviewHuman Resource ManagementAcademy of Management Journals (various titles included)Journal of Labor EconomicsHuman Resource Management ReviewPersonnel PsychologyInternational Journal of Human Resource ManagementJournal of ManagementSloan Management ReviewCalifornia Management ReviewAdministrative Sciences QuarterlyThis paper should reflect the collective efforts of the entire course content and the strategic evolution of HRM from a marginalized area ofpractice to one that assumes a position within management that is reflective of the potential role that effective workforce planning and development can play. The chosen topic should be framed in the above perspective and trace where it has been, where it is now, and what futuredirection it can take. Students’ research should defend why their chosen topic matters to senior management and the cost/benefit justifications that are required to defend that position. In short, the paper should speak to the two essential questions by which the course is framed. Thosequestions ask, “so what and now what?”Include a cover page and reference page, formatting, in-text citations, and references are to be to APA standards.Indent paragraphsParagraphs should have at least three sentences.Double spaceNumbers under 10 are to be spelled out.One font only- 12 pt Times New Roman (unless you need to use something different and larger that is okay, just make the paper consistent). The title page should be the same font.Be sure to included in-text citation for any information that you are mentioning that is not original content and include the full reference on the reference page per APA. Use Citefast or Citemachine to help with this. Reference Page – Reference as a title is to be centered and not bold.References on the reference page are to have a hanging indention. Many quotes used, keep in mind that each paragraph you write should be 80% original content from you and 20% can be from references. Taking a quote and citing it is not answering the question. Use the quote to define your point. References should be use to validate the points youtrying to make to give more validity. In-text Citations ) one author)- (Author, year) or Author, year, p.)Submit using a word document not a PDF.

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