The Spanish Singer Vs. The Jester Don Diego de Acedo

1. The Spanish Singer: 2. The Jester Don Diego de Acedo: Instruction: Velázquez was certainly influential for Manet and there’s much written about the 19th century’s fascination with Velázquez. Compare Manet’s The Spanish Singer with Velázquez The Jester Don Diego de Acedo. You are to consider similarities/contrasts in terms of style, iconography, patronage, and function.  The paintings are very different pictures in many respects, so please carefully considering both connections and differences, and how the comparison sheds light on both artists and their work(why these particular pieces worth comparing?, etc.). It also requires you to include some information about the circumstances surrounding the commissioning/context of each piece, and how Manet was or was not looking directly at Velázquez when creating his Spanish Singer. While this assignment asks you to discuss the formal properties(visual analysis) of the paintings, it cannot be purely des?r?ptive and so a modest amount of outside research is required. Your bibliography must include at least eight published scholarly resources (book, journal article). The citations should be a bit more analytical – both summarizing the main points of the source and how, specifically, the author’s argument furthers your own.  (My suggestions on this writing: use the suggested source in the PDF I uploaded, it listed 5 verified sources, and I am sure they will be useful for you! so you only need to look for 3 extra academic sources to meet the requirement. I uploaded 3 of them, another 2 are links and were included in the file name “Sources that related to the paper”

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