The Thousand and One Nights

This assignment is based on the book The Thousand and One Nights, translated by Husain Haddwy. It is a collection of folk tales. I will attach the full reading as a PDF as a file here so you can read it all and understand it’s full meaning. This text involves numerous amounts of different excerpts, you will be able to see this in the PDF, as each new excerpt is stated at the beginning before it starts.
Basically for this assignment, I had to choose 2 excerpts from the reading and in 2 paragraphs discuss a chosen topic/theme — here are what the theme options were;

a. Gender roles: women vs men in patriarchal society

b. Penalties for women’s/servants’/slaves’ disobedience/transgressions vs penalties for males’ transgressions

c. Role of demons

d. Who has power and who is in control, and when does power/control shift in the text and why?

e. Classism and/or Racism

f. Transformation

g. Forgiveness

Giving you a gist of what the discussion was, after having read the FULL PDF and gaining a good understanding, I will send you a response to the assignment up above ON CHAT.

What you then have to do is — reply to another students response, doing the following; MAKE SURE THAT —

— The Response is constructive and differences in opinion are expressed in a collegial, respectful manner. — —- Response is not repetitious
— Posting responds in a substantive way to the classmate’s post, posing comments or questions that enhance the discussion and move it forward. AT A MINIMUM, your classmate response should include AT LEAST TWO of the following:
1. Expands or clarifies a point made in your classmate’s response
2. Offers an additional argument/provides evidence to support a position taken (MLA CITATION FOR QUOTES! author, page number)
3. Provides an informed counterview (with textual support) on a point where your
analysis of the text may differ from your classmate’s
4. Provides detailed informed/constructive suggestions

Follow word count! Please make it a good proper response to the classmates’ reply, filled with evidence to back up your words. USE AT LEAST 2 of the 1-4 listed above in your reply to the students response

You can begin like .. Very nicely put! I agree that.. or I would like to add on..
and then expand or clarify their point, offer more evidence or another argument, do a counter view, suggestions ..

just make sure at least 2 are discussed thoroughly in the reply! Thank you.

Take note on which excerpts they chose to write about and comprehend them before orchestrating your reply.

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