The Vanity of all Worldly Things

Assignment Instructions: Write a responsive essay where you complete the following tasks: 1. Provide a short overview of the story so as to provide a foundation for your response. 2. Describe (and explain in detail) the aspect of the story that stood out to you, and support those ideas with actual textual support from the story. For instance, if you choose to highlight the theme, explain what idea(s) or message(s) stood out to you, providing occasional textual evidence to support your points. 3. Provide a rationale for your ideas—also called the ‘so what.’ In other words, why is this work considered important or notable in American literature or history- and in your opinion, should it be? Why or why not? And/or, is this work of older American literature somehow relevant, in any way, to people, events, or ideas you see in American culture today? If so, explain. Requirements: •Word count:650 words (bare minimum) or more • MLA format • Citation Requirements: You are required to quote at least twice and also paraphrase at least twice from the literature you’ve chosen to write about (your primary source). which is Anne Bradstreet “The Vanity of all Worldly Things”

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