The World Wide Web

The World Wide Web is continuously expanding. This creates new opportunities, practically for the entire society. As a result, more and more companies, government agencies, and individuals have and use Web sites.  However, this development is not without problems. There are security risks that affect Web servers, the local area networks that host Web sites, and even individual users of Web browsers. The purpose of this session is to investigate the general requirements for Web security and the role of the specific security tools in increasing Internet and Web security. For instance, you may consider that you are a Webmaster or a system administrator. The moment you install a Web server at your site you have exposed your network to a number of risks. Now, you are put in the position to find solutions to the following issues: Exactly what types of security risks you have to face? What general security precautions should you take? What are the most important steps you would recommend for securing a new Web server?

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