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In our study of Christian ethics, we have examined the tension between conceiving of God as the creator of the world and that which rationally orders all existence, on the one hand, and God as the specific, historical person of Jesus Christ, whose teachings are recorded in the New Testament, on the other. Although Christianity maintains that God exists in BOTH these forms, we have noted how many authors tend to emphasize one conception of God over the other. For this essay, choose TWO thinkers whom we have read who represent OPPOSITE sides of this tension, and then complete the following three tasks: 1) describe each author’s conception of God, explaining how each conceives of God either primarily in terms of the divine being that creates and orders the world or primarily in terms of the divine, historical person, Jesus Christ; 2) describe, from an epistemological perspective, how each author believes one can KNOW both the nature and existence of God and what God morally requires of human beings; 3) in light of your answers to 1 & 2, address the question of how each author believes Christians should INTERACT WITH/LIVE IN “The World.” (For example, does the author believe that Christians should separate themselves from the world? Conform to it? Seek to improve it?). Be sure to be as detailed as possible in your answer, drawing on specific examples. Note: you may choose which two authors to use in your response. However, since this question specifically addresses Christianity, please do not use the Old Testament.

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