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Search the Internet and locate information about a public company that has been a victim of hacking, data breach, or a computer crime. Based on the results of the search, write an academic paper 3 pages regarding design and implementation of a comprehensive forensic accounting strategy. Your paper should include the following:   Assess the circumstances around the hacking and the resulting impact to the company’s customers and operations. Put yourself in the place of the forensic accountant for that company and create a detailed forensic accounting strategy for the company indicating how implementing this strategy will minimize the risk of the business systems being hacked in the future.  Search security authorization vendors and recommend a product for the company you selected indicating how this product will provide maximum security to the company’s systems.Additionally, as a forensic accountant for that company, provide any suggested modification to the company’s security system given the increased risk of unauthorized access to the company’s information systems and to ensure the company’s data reliability. Present your conclusion and final thoughts about the case selected and the effectiveness of your developed forensic accounting strategy.

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