Theories of Deviance

I need 150 words Initial Post and two replies of 60 words each. I will post the replies later. I need initial Post in one hour.After reading Ping’s lecture notes on Chapter 7, and reading textbook chapter 7, think of some real-life experience that partly fulfilled theories of deviance (specify which one) but the theory also doesn’t fully work for the case.To describe the details first, secondly, you need to analyze which theory of deviance in this chapter you think it fits partially, but also something can’t be explained by the theory you just relate to. If there is more than one theory, then just list two theories that fit into the case you find. Same question: why do the two theories fit into this case, is there still something do the two theories not fit so well? What is something that is simply can’t be easily explained by the two theories? The length of the post shall be 150-200 words. Remember to divide the answer into two or even three paragraphs. Don’t jam them in one paragraph. Not following this guideline will mark down your grade. Rubric: your ability to link one phenomenon to relevant theory, and doing analysis to make sense of the phenomena you observe or experience personally (or theories). In addition, if your example is from a movie, it will not work. Please find a real-life example: preferably it is your own experience, or your friend, your neighborhood’s true-life story. Deviance doesn’t have to be criminal. For more information read this:

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