Theory’s Influence on Risk Planning and Resilience

Theory’s Influence on Risk, Planning, and Resilience In this assignment, you will examine the influence of theory on risk assessment, emergency management planning, and community resilience. Complete the following: Identify at least three theories that you consider most influential on risk, planning, and resilience in emergency management. Explain how those theories apply to policies and practices to implement protection, prevention, response, continuity, recovery, and mitigation. Use the PPD-8 phases of emergency management. You may choose from the following theories: Symbolic Interactionism. Functionalism. Conflict Theory. Structuralism. Vulnerability. Social Constructionist Theories (as related to hazards and disasters). Systems Theory (including systems thinking). Organizational Behavior Theories. Emergent Behavior Theories. Development Theories (as related to economy globalization and complex societies). Risk Perception and Communication Theories (as related to hazards disasters and response).

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