Toilet Flushing and Water Loss

Create a thesis and an outline on Toilet Flushing and Water Loss in the United Kingdom. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Homes use close to 93% of water indoors for activities such as bathing, cooking, toilets, and cleaning (Lazarova, 2005). Toilet flushing, which is one of the main domestic water activities, refers to the act of pouring water into the toilet basin in order to clean it. In the United Kingdom, toilet flushing holds the second largest percentage of domestic water consumption, which is 30% of the total of 93% (Lazarova, 2005). The discussion below describes the purpose and aim of the research study while the literature review gives an insight into the toilet flushing issue in the United Kingdom. A review of past researches carried out describes the problem related to water consumption as a result of a toilet flushing. The project involves an interview carried out in order to reveal the views of the public based on toilet flushing. A section of the essay includes an empirical focus, which provides interview results that explain the views of the nation’s public. Results and data analysis show that the U.K truly faces a water problem. However, several recommendations provide solutions that aid in resolving the water consumption problem.Solutions need to be instigated in order to control the situation. The research study’s aims include identifying the problem, which is an ineffective toilet flushing in the United Kingdom (Lazarova, 2005). The text discusses several aspects revolving around the crisis including what causes the problem. It also develops solutions such as replacing old toilets with dual flush toilets, installation of ES4, and government intervention.The United Kingdom faces a water consumption issue Toilet flushing creates a huge crisis leading to loss of water, which poses a great threat to water sustainability in the nation. People need to create awareness about the issue before it gets out of hand. A review of the situation’s background information indicates the need to study the United Kingdom toilet flushing problem.

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