Tourism Policy

You are required to write a 3,000 word essay that critically discusses the tourism policy cycle for a country of your choice. The country chosen must have a recently published and publicly available tourism policy document, written in English. It is recommended that you have your choice approved by the Module Leader. The essay should make reference to a wide range of appropriate academic sources on tourism and public policy, as well as reliable sources on the tourism policy context for the country chosen, and all should be referenced according to Harvard conventions. An initial briefing for this assessment will be given in the lecture in w/c 21st September, and a full briefing will be provided in the tutorial in w/c 12th October. Individual support, by appointment, will be offered all term, and particularly in w/c 30th November. Formative tasks related to the assessment will be given in the tutorials in w/c 5th October, w/c 19th October and w/c 16th November. The tutor will provide feedback, in class, on these formative assessments.

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