Tourism Sustainability

Create and present a PowerPoint presentation of your essay plan for your final essay. The presentation will show the ideas you plan to write about in your final essay, as well as the references you plan to include and your essay’s organisation. Your 10 slides must use the following structure:   Slide 1: Provide  a title (clearly indicating your chosen scenario and scope); ( scenario is Tourism sustainability ) Tourism in … will tell the location when proceeds)   visual and oral presentation on Tourism sustainability ( will record my voice if speech written 750 words, all slides in dot points  with pictures and reference on it   )    slide 1: scenario name and scope  slide 2: draft thesis statement ( key argument responding to assessment task ) slide 3: background scenario   • Slide 2: Provide a draft thesis statement (key argument responding to the assessment task) for your essay in one or two sentences; •  Slide 3: Provide a background to your chosen scenario, including the stakeholders;   Slide 4: Provide a definition of sustainability (with citation) and one or two sentences explaining how it reflects the concerns and responses in your chosen scenario; •  Slide 5: Include a graphic (visual) representation of your essay plan for your chosen scenario. This can be a taxonomy ( format available and will provide when proceeds )  providing it is clear and accurate; •  Slides 6, 7 & 8: Explain the key sustainability concerns and responses for each dimension (social, environmental and economic). Allow one slide per dimension. These concerns and responses should be the same as those included in the taxonomy on the previous slide. include supporting evidence for the concerns and responses discussed. slide 9: List the relevant publications that you have found so far. slide 10: conclude your presentation by reflecting on your progress towards writing the final essay. ( next assignment ESSAY). For more information on this check:

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