Tracked Online

If  you think that while you’re browsing, maybe doing a little shopping or checking the news, that you aren’t identifying yourself and no-ones watching what you do, then you’re probably mistaken.  A new survey recently released shows how most of us are being tracked while we’re online, and we don’t realise it.  The survey looked at nearly two hundred high-traffic websites, the kind most of us will regularly use.  Amazingly more than half of these websites shared the visitors username or user ID with another website.  In other words, they took some information about the user, and passed it on to someone else – unknown to the user.  Sites doing this are big, popular sites – like Google and Facebook.  This confirms to me that I was right when I made the choice to find an easy way to change my IP and protect my identity online.Track Me Online – Why Should I Worry?So big sites are gathering information about me and my browsing habits, maybe even my username or user ID, and passing it on to other companies without me realising.  Why should I care?  Well, for a start, it’s being done without my knowledge, or consent.  More companies than you or I probably thought, are sharing our personal information with third-party websites and companies, and we don’t know who they are, or when it’s happening.  Things like our email address, username, what we’ve just been browsing, what we browsed next, that kind of thing.  In doing so, they are able to build up a profile for every  user – that’s you and me – which can then be sold on to other companies.  Marketing companies then use this information to build up a  detailed profile of you. The solution I use to avoid this, is to change my IP, it’s so easy to do that’s it’s a no brainer.Change My IP – Track Me If You Can )You might not have a problem with this, thinking it just means you get better advertising targeting at you.  If you don’t have a problem with companies building a profile about you, logging what you watch, your user ID, what sites you visit, that’s fine.  But what if this makes you feel uncomfortable, the thought of being ‘spied’ on like this?  In that case, it’s time to change your IP, and start protecting your identity when you’re online.  There are simple software solutions to help you do this, that protect your identity at the click of a button.  Not only do they protect you when you’re browsing, they protect whatever other software you use that’s connected online as well.  Your entire internet connection becomes hidden, behind a new IP address that’s unrelated to you.  So there’s no way any marketing company can build up a profile of your online life, or get your user IDs.  To check my IP I used ip location finder – geolocation as a software solution to this problem, and can absolutely recommend it.  I found it to work seamlessly in the background – once you click the connection, you really don’t know it’s running.  I can use my internet connection just as you normally would, the only difference is – I know my online identity is protected.So what do I think about these sites that track me when I’m online?  Time to change my IP, that’s all )

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