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Complete the training modules for Google Trends (Links to an external site.) – focus in on these topics:The Punctuation guideComparing groups of termsComparing Regional searches/related searchesDetermine a topic and research its trend over the last 12 months  (suggestion: smoking on college campuses, Future of HigherEducation).ReflectionPost your findings by replying to this post:Your Name (and a teammate if you decide to choose one from class)The topic you chose to researchThe outcome of the trends (image or chart)Your interpretations of data – what story does this data tell you?Engage with Your ColleaguesRead through your classmate’s posts belowComment on at least two (2) classmates posts using the following questions as a guide:What trends did you find insightful?What additions would you suggest for enhancing their query(s)?What other sub-topics could you suggest?

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