Transformative Visions and Biodiversity

Using the criteria at the bottom of the page, respond to the following: 1. Explain the meaning of biodiversity by using, as an example, an ecosystem of your choice–e.g. animal’s body,  tundra, ocean, swamp. Note the general benefit of this ecosystem to its inhabitants. 2. How is biodiversity related to sustainability? Base your response on the meaning of words such as monoculture, monocrop, homonegeity. Use an example a local project (close to where you live, in southern Ontario) that promotes biodiversity and sustainability. You will receive full marks if your response…. .…is at least 200 words .…is on time .…demonstrates a knowledge and understanding of the readings .…is written clearly, edited for grammar, coherent .…is original, i.e., your own work–rather than a copy or re-iteration of other posts before yours ….contains two references from your readings and made use of in-text citations when citing the readings, and included a references list at the bottom of your response. …if you include an additional post responding meaningfully to someone else’s response.

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